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Peace Foundations is a not-for-profit charitable organization being developed to provide realistic programs and services to victims of Domestic Violence.

Peace Foundations nationwide facilities and revolutionary services will enable victims of DV to overcome the barriers that they face when attempting to leave an abuser so that they can survive and thrive. These women (sometimes men) and children, and are suffering from undeserved cruelty. They desire to be freed from their oppressors and they deserve freedom. They long for peace, hope, love and joy. They need our help and support. We feel it is our duty as Americans and as Christians to help these oppressed victims emerge free and safe from their brutal oppressors.

If you were a prisoner of war you would hope and pray that someone would rescue you. As Americans, we feel a responsibility to do everything in our power to release our military personnel from unjustified imprisonment. Americans should also feel a responsibility to do everything in our power to release righteous citizens from unjustified tyranny. Peace Foundations intends to liberate these victims. We are prepared to do all of the hard work, and whatever it takes to make it a reality, but we need your help too.

Angelic Partners for Peace are people who are part of the solution. Your generous in kind donations will not only serve to meet the needs of these victims (which will Glorify our Lord) but, your generosity will also be recognized with prominent displays of your name, your organizations name and your logo on Peace Foundations website, brochures, and facilities. We are delighted and honored to have your participation and support.

  God blesses those who work for Peace, for they will be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9  
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